Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I'm not a musician but I want to purchase music. How do I find and purchase music here?

You can sign up for FREE as a Music Fan and go to the Artist Directory or Tracks Directory to find music that you want. With a PayPal account or any major credit card you can purchase mp3s which are immediately available for download.

How old do I have to be to sell music?

You must be 18 years of age or older to sell music.

What is the service that provides musicians and artists?

We provide an easy-to-use system to distribute your music to all your fans and future fans! Through our distribution channels we are able to dish out your music not only in front of fans on the PC but in the near future we will be able to get your music on the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Chumby, and many other devices!

As a musician, how do I use this service? What's my first step?

  1. Sign up with our secure form as an Artist (Seller). You will need to fill in contact information, Social Security # or Tax ID and bank account number or PayPal account ID SO YOU CAN GET PAID. You set up your username and password at this step.
  2. Choose a service package: You can start for FREE with 5 tracks for sale. *In the near future you will be able to purchase with any major credit card or using Paypal service packages that allow you to upload more albums and/or tracks.
  3. You are sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided as your login name at signup.
  4. Click on the link in the confirmation email you received.
  5. You are directed to a verification page where you are asked for the password you set up at signup. Successful verification activates your account.
  6. After verification simply inform your fans to head on over to to find your music!
  7. Start getting paid monthly on your sales! (You must have at least $20.00 dollars in net sales before a payment will be issued.)

How do I encode (rip) my MP3s?

Before you create or upload your MP3s you should know the following:

Encode two (2) copies of each song/track: a SAMPLE (low quality Example: 56 kb) and a PRODUCT (high quality Example: 192 kb) copy

Note: The encoding rates are only recommendations

Encoding/Ripping: To convert your music to MP3 format you will need a software application to do this. These applications are called encoders or rippers. The process is called encoding or ripping. There are several encoders on the web as well as tutorials. You may want to do a little research first and you will want to make sure you can encode at different bit rates (should be able to at least go as low as 56k and as high as 192k) so you can create MP3 versions for sampling and purchase by your fans.

Software: CDex available from SourceForge is a popular encoder that you could use in creating MP3s for sale and sampling.

The Basic Steps for Encoding:
(This generally applies to most encoding software)

  1. You install the encoding software on the computer you will use to encode.
  2. Put your music CD containing your tracks you want to sell in the CDROM drive of the computer you are encoding on. Remember you are going to encode the CD twice: once in a low quality set of MP3s and again in a high quality set of MP3s.
  3. Use the software to encode the tracks you want from the CD at a low bit rate (such as 56k) (for your SAMPLE quality MP3s).
  4. Make sure the track data (artist name, album, track info, etc) is propagated or entered into the MP3s created.
  5. Repeat the process with the encoding rate set at a high quality (such as 192k) to create your PRODUCT MP3s for download.

MP3 File Size Limits for Uploading: There are file size limits on MP3s uploaded to

How do I upload my music for sale?

In the Manage Content section of the main menu, you can add or remove content such as MP3s and your artist photo by clicking the appropriate menu selection. You will want to upload your PRODUCT version MP3s first before adding your accompanying SAMPLE versions. Your music will be displayed for sale at XYZMP3's artist directory as well as it's affiliate network.

Why do we ask for a Social Security Number or Tax ID?

XYZMP3 needs this information because the U.S. Government needs to be informed who is getting paid for tax reporting purposes. We are obligated to abide by the law and we implement highly secure technologies to protect your information.

Where did the Digial Storefront Media Player (DSMP) go?

XYZMP3 is currently hard at work upgrading this service to provide a more enhanced experience for our artists and labels. It will be back in full force soon enough so keep checking back here at to find when it will be released.

What am I allowed to sell?

You may sell and display the media/content that you own the rights to sell or display. Your music for sale should be encoded as a high quality MP3 (encoding rate: 192Kbs stereo). You should also upload a sample version of each track encoded at a lower bit rate such as 20k mono. **If you upload content that you do not own the right to sell, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We take this very seriously. We are strongly against illegal file sharing. **

How am I paid and how much per sale?

You can choose to be paid directly to your PayPal account or receive an ACH Electronic check deposit directly to your bank account. You are paid monthly as soon as you have accumulated at least $20.00 in net sales. For all items you have sold you receive 70% percent of the net wholesale. Please note there is a $3.00 processing fee to send you your money.

What is net wholesale?

Banking and transaction fees result from each sale. The remainder is net wholesale.

How much does it cost to sign up and use this service?

It is FREE to sign up and upload as many tracks you want for sale.

Can I give away my music for free?

Oh you betcha!!! You will be able to upload as many free songs for promotional purposes as you want. We will run promotions and may include your track offered for promotional purposes. **You must still sell something since this is an e-commerce service and we are not a free web hosting or disk storage provider.** We enable musicians to easily sell their music online and help them receive more sales revenue per track sold.

How do my fans buy my music?

Your fans can start sampling and buying music using PayPal Express, PayPal, or any major credit card right at!

Can musicians buy music?

Most definitely. We encourage musicians to check-out other musicians on and support each other.

Is your service safe to use?

We implement a very high level of security in our technology so that your transactions, information and media are safe from unauthorized use or viewing. Your uploaded digital music is also backed up in the event of disaster or system failure.

What's up with the gorilla???

Hailing from parts unknown, Rip Burn Winkle is XYZMP3's "spokesgorilla" and is in charge of "Gorilla Marketing". He believes musicians should be empowered and have the least amount of obstacles in selling their music online and getting paid. He's "takin' it to the streets" and getting the message out. You may see him in a city or music venue near you. Check out his MySpace page at

Have more questions or suggestions?

Email us at!


How do I get XYZRadio for my PSP?

Head over to on your PSP web browser and either login or register if you already have a account. Once you are logged in, simply click the download link in the middle of the page to download the XYZ Radio software. (Make sure you have a Pro-Duo Memory Stick inserted in your PSP before continuing). Once it is downloaded, close your internet browser and head over to Networks->Internet Radio->XYZ Radio. Click the icon to start the application. Login and start rocking out! Enjoy!

Do I need special firmware on my PSP to get XYZRadio?

You must have firmware 3.80 and above on your PSP to have XYZRadio work. Though we strongly advise you always using the newest firmware since we do all our testing with upgrades to the newest firmware on the PSP.

I clicked a station and its not playing. What do I do?

Radio stations that are listed do on occasion change the way they handle the music streams internally. XYZ is always checking the streams to make sure they are up and running for our listeners. We are aware that stations that stream in ACC format work on later version of the PSP but not on earlier ones. These streams will not work on PSP1001 version and early production models of PSP2000s. We are constantly working with stations to provide us with streams that will work on all PSPs regardless of what PSP model you own. If you notice a station being down for more than 24 hours feel free to email us and we'll take a look at it. Send inquiries to info AT with a subject of "XYZRadio Station Down - NAME OF STATION".

So just how many stations are on XYZRadio?

As of this writing XYZRadio currently has 400+ stations and we are constantly adding more. You can find a list of the stations that are currently on XYZRadio by logging into your account and choosing 'Stations' from the pull-down menu.

Can I listen to XYZRadio anywhere?

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go. Just login to your Wi-Fi network and start rocking!

I downloaded XYZRadio but it says the file is corrupted?

Delete the XYZRadio application and simply re-download the app. Be sure to not disrupt the download process since this could cause errors. Once it is re-downloaded and installed you should be up and running.

My favorite radio station is not on XYZRadio? What can I do?

If your favorite station is not on XYZRadio it should be. Call/email/fax/stage a sit-in on the radio station and tell them they need to contact and get their station on XYZRadio NOW! We are always looking for new stations and welcome them with open arms.

Are you a radio station and trying to figure out how to get on XYZRadio?

We have made it super simple for you guys at the radio stations. Simply email us at info AT with your station name, IP & PORT (we accept Shoutcast streams only at the moment), and the genres of your stream. Be sure to send us your stream in the following format only: IP:PORT/listen.pls. You will see the station up on XYZRadio within the week.